On Location in Kaplani

Having drawn there last September, and passed through many times on walks in the winter, I thought sleepy Kaplani would make a pleasant on location spot for hot and busy July…

Which it did….providing plenty of shade, and some charming subject matter…

However, hour visit co-incided with the very day the cafe-grill was having a metal handrail installed!…..

But the On Loco sketchers are a hardy bunch, and drew on regardless….

bravely tuning out the noise from the angle-grinder, soldering iron and assorted banging!

Later in the morning, the wind came up and provided a bit of a challenge to this poor artist. This beautiful charcoal pencil drawing was madly flapping in the breeze…

Some artists went for the long-pose….

Others went for the quick sketch….

Or for one of each…..

Some found it difficult to settle….(it’s just like that sometimes)

and others got in the groove straight away, after our usual warm-ups…..

Kaplani cafe-grill was our base for the entire morning, providing welcome drinks, handy loos and later on, for some of us……food!

The pages below are from last week’s on loco in Koroni Monastery…

Both were started on location and finished from photos taken at the scene…

Great work everyone – you all did very well today – especially considering the unexpected noise challenges, wind and heat!

By the way…..Don’t Miss…The Kaplani Panagerie is on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th July – it’s a great one. Both evenings start late with live music, spit-roast pork, and cold beers. The cafe-grill will also be open and serving food (from 11pm he said!). Tel. Yeorgos: 6984841257

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