On Location – Vassilitsi

The ‘on location’ sketchers had a very pleasant, lively and entertaining (if not quiet) morning in Vassilitsi this week…

Here’s a couple of the gang discussing some rather tricky angles and perspective involved in drawing the church….

The church drawing/painting came out beautifully, as did this pencil sketch of the street…..

Vassilitsi is a fabulous village for artists…..

but as group leader, it can sometimes be difficult to find them all, tucked away in the maze of backstreets (sorry Janet!)…

The ladies drawing by this grapevine were presented with a huge bowl of Eagles claw grapes by the owners of the vine….

This is Sotiris, who has been drawing quietly at home for the last two years or so – completely without instruction – simply because he enjoys it. His neighbour didn’t even know he drew! He has a huge collection of drawings – mostly of people – which he showed to us, before presenting us with a couple to take home. He’s holding a fabulous drawing of himself as a young man.

Steps are undoubtedly a tricky subject but these are beautifully painted and drawn…

This artist was first offered a cup of coffee…..then the table appeared (the paint was still wet on it as it had been rescued from the rubbish by it’s new owner who was in the process of giving it a make-over)….I confess I was a bit jealous as it’s a real oldie and would look great in my garden!

In the course of doing this painting, after the coffee, the artist was then presented with a home-made raisin glyko….and a huge pile of figs!

Meanwhile, down by the kafeneon, this lovely chimney painting was taking shape as clouds gathered over the black mountains…

Passing (and parking) traffic presented some obstacles to the lady drawing this building….

but she did a great job of it nontheless – the corrugated roofline was particularly tricky….

There was much activity in the plateia by the kafeneon, so it was a far from quiet morning for the sketchers gathered there….

I was really touched by the friendliness and generosity of the Vassilitsi people today….and enjoyed meeting Sotiris and seeing his drawings. Well done everyone for producing such lovely work today.


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