On Location in Methoni

Peak-season weeks in August aren’t the easiest times to find suitable ‘on location’ venues…

The coast is crowded with holiday-makers and the villages are full of summer-home visitors from the cities and abroad…

So I was more than happy to have a suggestion for this week’s meet-up….

The ‘Sunset’ cafe-taverna on the cliffs behind Methoni turned out to be a spacious, breezy and very accommodating venue for the group…

The sea-views as you can see were superb….

there was plenty of working space….and we spread out all over the place!

There was plenty of shade, and a good selection of quirky things to draw…

including some prickly cactus; a couple of beautifully fading old barrels; rusty posts and lots of pottery….

As usual, people worked at their own pace, choosing their own subjects and materials….

Most of the group spent the whole morning in the taverna grounds….

focusing in on detail….or drawing & painting the views….

Some ventured a little further afield….and drew the castle walls, just down the road….

or nearby houses…..

There was a good breeze up on the hill…..

and the morning flew by, even though we had started earlier this week….

We had some new group members today….

including some summer visitors, as well as returning residents….

It was great to see some new artwork and different approaches….

Everyone was pretty prolific, despite the heat of the day…..

as you can see from this FABULOUS collection of work….

Following a review of the work at the end of the morning, several of us lingered over a very delicious lunch, before heading for the sea!

Brilliant work everyone – well done indeed.

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1 thought on “On Location in Methoni”

  1. It was a brilliant location…. and the food afterwards was excellent. I love that great sketch of me which actually looks like my sister. Thanks Gill

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