On Location in Evangelismos

This week’s ‘on loco‘ fell on August 15th, so it may have been prudent of me to change the day, as of course this is the biggest day in the Orthodox year….

Somehow unable to think (perhaps due to the August heat and crowds), I went ahead with my choice of Fotis Taverna in Evangelismos as venue…and forgot to change the day…

On arrival at 9am, all was suspiciously quiet (everyone was in church), so we availed ourselves of a large table in the shade…

Evangelismos is an artist’s dream village….

Everywhere you look, there are crumbling old buildings…textures…colours and lots of ‘stuff’ to draw…

It wasn’t long before the church service ended and the taverna started filling up….everyone was in holiday mood and there was a lively buzz….

The animated groups made fabulous subject matter for some sketchers…

The models later viewed the sketchbooks and were very complementary….

It was a lively, noisy morning….but there were pockets of peace and quiet as well…

This chap carefully chose his seat directly in front of one of the sketchers….

some subjects were rather more static….

as long as you could manage to stay in the shade….


Street views were a challenge due to an ever-changing procession of vans, trucks and assorted vehicles…

I highly commend today’s group for their tenacity….

It was no easy task to access the right side of the brain in such a busy environment…

so everyone should be particularly proud of their sketching achievements today…

The dragonfly, below, was drawn as a nature-study at home during the week….

Well done chaps for surviving on-loco drawing on August 15th!

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