On Location – Golden Sun Hotel


The elevated position, views, shade, cafe, pool and beach were all deciding factors when choosing the Golden Sun Hotel for this week’s ‘On Location’ sketching…

From the pool-terrace, the views towards Finikounda were compelling stuff for artists…

as you can see by these three charming paintings…..

Our base-camp was in one of the shadey pergolas by the pool….

where we started the session with an introduction to ‘overdrawing’ and a little left-handed sketching………


Several people were keen to try out some new (to them) materials, which is always a good idea, as you may stumble upon something that really works for you…..

or find that it’s not the tool for you after all, and you’ve lost nothing but a bit of time and a sketchbook page…..

As well as the Finikounda views, the cliffs at the other end of the beach made rather appealing subject matter….

as did the plethora of palm trees, banana plants and assorted foliage growing at different levels around the hotel grounds…..

I think there’s something quite Hockney-esque about this glimpse of vivid turquoise swimming pool between the palms…..

Love the bright orange brolley with matching orange flower by the blues of the pool….

This fabulously well-observed sketch was the artist’s first ever straight to pen drawing!

More palm trees, brollies and flowers – a delightful combination of subjects….

A quick, straight-to-pen, brolley sketch to start the morning off….

and this energetic, detailed study presented quite a few problems, which were very successfully overcome….

This delightful drawing was done at home during the week – it’s in Evangelismos – last week’s venue – I love the drawing of the tyres.


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