October Drawing & Painting

Week one of the new season’s Drawing & Painting (Sketchbook Style) course got underway today, on what turned out to be a rather wet morning in Harakopio….

We just managed a quick, mid-morning coffee break in the garden, before the rain came down.

Here, everyone’s busy in the studio with their upside-down Picasso drawing at the start of the morning.

And here, they have moved on to their observational drawing (and later, painting) of their choice of a fresh fruit or vegetable.

And here….after just a few short hours; two left-right brain exercises; a couple of practical demonstrations….one coffee break….and lots of blah, blah from me….are the fruits of their labours!

Very nicely observed and coloured objects and some great text and page-finishing guys – good work. 

Next week….Keys!

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