New Perspectives

In week three of Wednesday’s Continuation Drawing & Painting (Sketchbook Style) workshop we took another look at informal perspective…

Luckily, the weather was being co-operative and a couple of students managed to do some sighting practice outside…

Another opted to stay indoors and do some perspective practice drawing from a photograph….

Last week’s homework was to set up a still life and do several thumbnail sketches to try out different crops of the scene…

Then to select their favourite one and go ahead and make a larger drawing/painting of it…..

We’re one person down this week, but here is the homework from the others…..

Many apologies for the blurry photograph….

Very Danny Gregory…..

This fabulous little book was made by one of the students at home during the week…..beautifully and creatively constructed…..

The theme is chairs…..maybe I’ll do a book-making workshop sometime…. I so love little books like this…..

Great work guys – well done and congratulations for sticking with the ‘sighting’….it really does get easier with practice!


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