New Mixed Media Fun!

We all had red hands after Wednesday’s new Mixed Media workshop….

due to rather enthusiastic use of an irresistible, bright magenta proceon dye…..

It’s great used on top of a candle wax or vaseline resist…….well, it is mixed media!

We started the course with some gentle credit card painting, progressed to a little light resist, and ended the morning with a little crackle……

Congratulations ladies – lovely work indeed.


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1 thought on “New Mixed Media Fun!”

  1. Hi Gill,
    lovely work indeed!
    It all looks fabulous, and amazing what can be done in such a short space of time.
    Looks like it would be great to put onto there’s a thought….
    I can’t wait for courses for wanna be ex pats still in the Briz fog!

    Lots of love
    JIll xxxx

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