Mosaic Collage Backgrounds

This week I hauled out my stash of decorated papers and had a jolly time ripping them up!

Those of you who have done mixed media work with me, will have your own little pile of variously mono-printed; credit card scraped; wax-resisted; proceon-dyed; acrylic-covered, decorative art-papers.

It’s easy to get attached to some of these little babies….but you can always make more!

This process is a little like making a collage mosaic, as it involves tearing art-papers into suitably sized pieces and then auditioning them in different positions on a board, canvas or heavyweight paper.

When you’re happy with your layout – get the glue out! After a couple of coats of mat medium, your mosaic-background is ready. From here you can ‘knock it back’ with a little gesso or leave as is.

Of course, these are only backgrounds….the foregrounds will be built up with line drawings or mono-prints on tissue paper or lens paper….or something else maybe…..we will see!

I think there may be scope for another collage workshop here…..

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