Mixed Media Mayhem

There was a mixed media frenzy in Harakopio this week as several people discovered the joys of monoprinting….

The fabulous, summery weather was great for drying off the artwork….

It’s a bit of an unpredictable artform and you either love it or hate it…..

it can be unpredictable, and surprising and sometimes produces some happy accidents…..

Today, everyone without exception, produced a fabulous collection of decorated papers for future use….

as pictures in their own right….

or to be ‘worked into’ at a later date…..

or to be cropped…..

and sections used as mini-artworks….

or to become accordian notebook covers next week, perhaps….

A huge amount of gorgeous artwork was produced today – good thing we had the sun to dry it all off….

Great stuff everyone – well done!

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1 thought on “Mixed Media Mayhem”

  1. You missed out another description of multi-media work – addictive!!!!! And maybe obsessive – or is that just me!!!! Fabulous colours and I see “the blue” is in there. Glad everyone is having such a great time. Well done Gill on and for your inspiration.

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