Mixed Media Fun Workshop

The fourth and final morning of our Mixed Media workshop took place on 2nd November, when once again we had extremely pleasant weather conditions and were able to work, take our coffee break, and do our final photo-shoot  in the garden:

It’s really gratifying how much everyone has managed to take on board in just four short, morning sessions, whilst getting to grips with new techniques and materials. Here’s some of the work produced by the participants – all of whom were new to mixed media:

It’s not only the quantity and quality of work produced that’s been impressive, but the enthusiasm, creativity and energy of the whole group

It was a joy to witness the diversity of the artwork and see people’s individual style emerging over the weeks:

Although no homework was given, I know several participants were busily exploring the techniques and doing their own experiments at home between the sessions, with some great results

Everyone left with a big sheaf of their unique, hand-painted papers to use in their ongoing artwork at home, in addition to the notebooks, boxes, cards, gift tags, etc they had already managed to produce by the end of the course!

I’m really pleased that this workshop has done exactly what I had hoped it would do, which is to light everyone’s creative touch-paper, simply by introducing a few techniques, in a supportive environment, together with a whole pile of delicious art materials!

I think everyone should be really proud of their achievements in this workshop.

Mixed Media Fun will be repeated soon (starts 16th November – 4 Wednesday mornings), and I’ll be offering more mixed media techniques (Level 2) in the New Year.


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2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Fun Workshop”

  1. Wow what fab photos! Weren’t we prolific!!!! It was a great course Gill. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Can’t wait for MixMedia 2

  2. Jackie Sherwood

    Looks like some amazing ‘work’ has been produced – and such relaxed smiling faces as well! Congratulations to teacher and students…. Jackie

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