Methoni Castle – On Location


If you look very closely, you can just make out three of Thursday’s ‘On Location‘ sketchers here, dwarfed by the Bourtzi…

Here we are at the start of the morning, battling with the wind, doing wrong-handed warm-ups….

And here’s the fabulous fruits of the on loco morning spent in the castle…

I must have walked a good few kilometres today, schlepping around the castle looking for sketchers who were hiding from the wind…

Not that I’m complaining – I have a nice starter-tan now!

Methoni Castle is a bit of an overwhelming venue….

as there is so much choice….

Everyone did really well today – each facing their own drawing/painting challenges…

It was HOT in the sun….but chilly in the wind!

The morning sped by, as usual, and we gathered at 1.30pm to review all the work….

before segwaying to the beach taverna for a spot of lunch….

We were busily noshing when the earthquake struck!

Well done all for working so hard and battling with the forces of nature today.

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2 thoughts on “Methoni Castle – On Location”

    1. Thank’s Robin – Yes, the earthquake was short but strong, and a bit odd as we were sitting right on the beach in that pretty taverna at the time. Missed you guys on this on location – remembering you with us last year. x

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