Methoni – Akroyiali Taverna

This week’s ‘on location’ sketchgroup hung out in the very pleasant Akroyiali taverna in Methoni…

As well as being in Methoni…it’s also in the sea…and has panoramic views of the castle walls, harbour, bay and islands….

it’s also a ridiculously picturesque, blue and white, ‘Shirley Valentine’ taverna.

Here it is….with it’s feet in the sea, and it’s back to the castle, surrounded by beach.

There were plenty of blue chair models and pretty checked tablecloths to draw…

and a host of colourful fishing boats bobbing about in the harbour…

As usual, everyone’s own, individual style was evident, with people working in a variety of materials and different approaches…

It was the perfect time of year to visit this venue – the peak-season crowds have gone back to the cities but it is still hot and sunny.

Having started the morning off with a bit of continuous line drawing and a cooling frappe….everyone worked hard all morning on their artwork and by 1.45pm we were ready to treat ourselves to a spot of lunch at the taverna! 

Well done ladies – some great work today.

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