After three wet-weather cancellations, we finally managed the Lampes-Finiki-Tapia-Aghia Zoni walk yesterday…

We enjoyed pleasantly dry weather for the whole of the walk…

enabling an al fresco coffee break at the friendly Finiki kafeneon…

The wind, however, grew increasingly chilly around the ears….

which was fine….if you had a hat!


There was plenty of scope for flower spotting today….

and the views from our lunch-stop-hill-top-church were pretty good….

but it was a little breezy up there!

From here we took a series of tracks over to Tapia, above Methoni….

and paused a while outside the little church of Aghia Zoni….

before heading back to the cars….

Thanks to Pat for the walk….Mal for the photo….and John for the joke!

Saturday’s walk clocked around 13.7 kilometres – a very pleasant if a little breezy day.