Koroni Carnival

The weather just about held for the carnival in Koroni on Sunday 6th March, although to be on the safe side we decided to make a glass-fronted-taverna our base for viewing the parade and taking in the carnival vibes. It was quite a cold day, with a few spots of rain later on.

I found some great party masks at the last minute in a local pandapoleon which inspired me to make a few hats out of canvas paper and chopped up old artwork…although I only had time to make three – slight lack of foreward planning!

There were fewer floats than last year, and no really rude ones this time. Most floats carried references to the current financial situation and made political digs. Overall the carnival turnout seemed a little sparser than in previous years – partly due to the unpredictable weather no doubt, but a good time seemed to be had by all who went.


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