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The Wednesday group came to an end this week, with everyone turning up clutching a goodly collection of fabulous homework sketches.

They had all been working really hard this week drawing walls, buildings, steps, windows, shutters, architecture….

The aim was to continue practising the sighting and drawing of angles and relationships (aka perspective), which we had started in week five, by studying and drawing a humble stack of boxes….

Whilst drawing architecture is arguably more interesting than studying boxes, there are a lot of angles and relationships to observe and get right…..it’s certainly not an easy thing to learn….

Everyone did really well, and showed great committment to produce all this quality homework – especially considering the terrible weather we have had this week….

A beautifully drawn and delicately painted indoor scene…

And some well observed steps and vibrantly coloured garden wall….

I love the little domestic details and the spot-on perspective on the door in the alcove….

Boxes and Monasteries sit side-by-side in the sketchbook….

Some lovely inside-outside  perspectives….and a record of Sunday’s meeting in Homatero…

During the class we filled up the few remaining sketchbook pages with several five minute ‘straight to pen’ drawings.

We even did a couple of ‘wrong handed drawings’ – where you draw with your non-dominant hand…….

Finally, we squeezed in a quick bit of drawing with water-soluble pens – a new medium to the group – before rounding off with a brief presentation of each artist’s sketchbook and their work over the past six weeks.

Very well done to everyone in the Wednesday Group – I will miss you!


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