Homatero – Logga Walk

What splendiforous weather we had for this week’s walk – super-clear, cobalt blue skies with lots of sunshine and a hint of a breeze…

The wild flowers were….stunning – my poor photographs really don’t do them justice at all…

Deep red poppies, fragrant sage, bright yellow broom and glorious Judas trees were everywhere….as well as lots of other beauties I barely know the names of….

There was plenty of pungent wild garlic in evidence by the side of the tracks….

These handsome young chaps were spotted just outside Homatero…..

As predicted, the water in the ford was fairly high, so we variously waded; paddled; piggy-backed or plastic-bagged it across….

The tracks were good, with fairly gentle hills…..and there was space for solo-strolling as well as group walking….

There was quite a bit of flat terraine as well…….

Shimmering views across the valley to the roundhouse…. 

An extremely pleasant lunch-stop was enjoyed at the kafeneon/taverna in Logga…here we are leaving the village…

You can make up your own caption to this one!….

and this one…..

There’s still a little snow on the Tayettos mountains across the gulf….

A slight deviation from the planned route (!) meant a second paddle – which was lovely and cooling on the feet….

The walking day ended with a welcome, refreshing drink at the Homatero kafeneon…well done to Saturday’s intrepid walking group.


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