Harakopio-Chrysokellaria-Yamia Walk


Here we are about 3/4 of the way up to Chrysokellaria yesterday – that’s Harakopio straight ahead in the distance….

our first glimpse of Chrysokellaria, from the brow of the hill….

Yes – there was a fair amount of uphill to start off with – here’s my brother-in-law directing the traffic…..

These track-side orchids were spotted on the way up…

quite near this fluffy chap….

and these friendly girls….

The wild lavender was at it’s peak…..

and the daisies were still looking pretty good….

After an unexpectedly breezy lunch-stop in Yamia, we headed downhill again on the other side of the valley….

The sun came out again for our return treck back to Harakopio…..

A very pleasant walk of around 14.7k.


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