Fishing Boats – From Inspiration to Art

Although I didn’t have time to sketch them, I couldn’t resist taking some quick snaps of these fabulous fishing boats, recently dry-docked in Koroni harbour.

Koroni fishing boats greece

Back at the studio, inspired by the memory of the boats and armed with my photos, I began to compile a visual ‘mood-board’ – quickly pulling together a pile of boaty images, including some previous sketches done at the harbour.

Koroni Fishing Boats Sketches

As I was in the mood for a challenge, I bravely picked out a canvas much larger than my usual working size! With my photos and sketches for reference, I drew the boat directly onto acid-free tissue paper with a newly purchased acrylic paint marker pen.

Greek text collage

Before doing the drawing I covered the canvas with scraps of Greek text – perhaps my favourite stage of a collage – interweaving different papers, sizes and fonts. It’s an important stage to get right but its also quite freeing, as changes can be made relatively easily.

Koroni fishing boat painted collage
After carefully sticking the tissue paper drawing onto the prepared canvas, I started painting the first layers with dilute acrylics.

koroni fishing boats art paintings collage

The layers of colour were gradually built up – it was fun working with acrylics in a watercolour-like way.

Koroni fishing boat collage painting

Working wet-in-wet in some places allowed the colours to run into each other, as in the sea here.

koroni fishing boat on the stocks

Here’s the (almost finished) painting above, although I later did some remedial work on that floating leg – adding a wood chock and a bit more shadow under the boat.

koroni fishing boats on the stocks

Here’s a scale shot of the finished painting, entitled Shored Up, posing outside the studio. I finished the work with a good coating of matte medium and some transparent UV varnish.


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