Finikounda-Dendroulia Walk

There was a good turn-out for Saturday’s ‘new’ walk from Finikounda up to tiny Dendroulia – in the hills near Evangelismos….

The walk started out with some nice flat tracks that led us gently up to the little church of The Baptism of Christ, where we took a short drinks break…

From here we followed the valley and gradually headed up into the hills…

Which gave great views of the lush, green valley below….

We took an early lunch-break after 6.67k at Dendroulia Church….

The orchids hiding round the back of the church, were just passing their peak….

It was a pretty humid day and the sky was heavy with dust, giving quite an eery atmosphere…. 

No blazing blue skies and turquoise seas today….

The return route took us in a figure of eight, back via the first church…. 

 to a little stream….which was crossed variously by paddling…..

and by piggy-back….

From here, we headed down to lovely Anemomelos beach (long beach)….

and over the headland back to Finkounda. Today’s 13.25k  walk took a total 4.54 hours – 3hours 25 mins actual walking time plus a total stopping time en route of 1 hour 29 minutes.  Our average moving speed was 4kph (quite fast for us!) and the overall speed, allowing for stoppages, was 2.8kph. Many thanks to Sherpa Pat, Sherpa Jane and Back-woman Karin for all your help today.


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