A few posy photos from my Solo Exhibition in Koroni, back in September…

Greek Village

Hand-Painted Acrylic Canvas 120 x 80cm

The posing to camera was of course, merely to give an idea of the scale of each piece, and not for vanity!

Blue Chair

Blue Chair – Canvas Print 84 x 60cm

The Maniatikon Foundation room was a fabulous, high ceilinged venue, perfect for the exhibition….

A view drawn from Takis' Kafeneon, Koroni

A view drawn from Takis’ Kafeneon, Koroni

These 84 x 60cm Canvas Prints were a new thing for me and I was very pleased with how my original sketchbook drawings translated onto the large canvas…paint blobs, wobbly lines and all!

Monastery Garden

Monastery Garden – Canvas Print 84 x 60cm

I’ve just added these new Canvas Prints my Etsy shop. As well as my fabulous Greek supplier, I’m now working with a lovely printer in England who is able to offer free delivery on my stretched, ready to hang, canvas prints within the UK.

A Boat called George

A Boat called George

If you’d like more info on the prints, just drop me an email from the contacts page.