Evangelismos – Pidassos: A New Walk

On exiting the car in Evangelismos on Saturday morning, I was greeted by a surprisingly cold breeze….

Well, it was more of a bitterly cold wind really….(by Greek standards that is, not UK)

Almost everyone was sensibly wearing gloves….

Taking an early detour to avoid a newly placed bee-city right by the road, we encountered our first mud of the day….

It had rained cats and dogs the previous night, so there was MUD pandou….

The flowers are stunning at the moment…..

After a fairly steep descent, followed by a fairly long ascent we arrived at Ripena….

and we briefly took refuge from the wind at the Church of ‘The Falling Asleep of the Virgin’ outside Pidassos….

This oak glade looks like a fabulous setting for the Panagerie….

From the Church to the village, the road was asphalt….

This old agro-hut would be great to draw….

Looking back towards the coast – great views….

We blew into the kafeneon and recovered from the wind – this was the most creative, if tepid capuccino I’ve had in a while….

After the lunch-break we took a stroll around Pidassos – love the use of these old tiles to protect the baby tomato plants…

We subsequently arrived at ‘the stream’….they had been forewarned!

Some chose to paddle – barefoot, and others went the plastic bags over boots route…

both were successful, and we crossed safely…

Newly placed (but vacant) bee houses outside Evangelismos….

The final stretch back to the village….

An extremely pleasant if windy walk of around 13.7k – the GPS went on strike as I believe it was not happy with the quality of batteries I had supplied for breakfast!


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