Drawing & Painting (Sketchbook Style)

This week saw the start of a brand new series of drawing & painting courses. Having travelled back to Greece on 2nd January, I had, perhaps unwisely, left myself only one day to unpack and settle in before starting the first courses on 4th and 5th Jan.

After a bit of an intro, and some upside down drawing, the delicious mandarins from the neighbour were put to good use as models for our draw & paint sessions.

They were the perfect models – great colours, shapes, and scent, plus you got to eat them afterwards!

Learning to draw (& paint) is not necessarily a pain-free process – like learning anything, but everyone did extremely well, both with the upside down copy of a Picasso drawing and with their fruity renditions in their sketchbooks.

On both days we luckily managed to take our coffee break outdoors….(wearing coats on Thursday)…sitting in the sunshine….surrounded by oranges!

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