Drawing & Painting (Sketchbook Style) – Week Four

Thought I’d start off today with a little quote from one of my alltime favourite artists - “You must draw first, to cultivate the spirit and to be able to lead color into spiritual paths.”  Henri Matisse

And draw they did….this weeks ‘homework’ task was a request to ‘draw something every day’ – the results you can see below in some well-observed drawing and painting….

The aim of the sketchbook workshop is to introduce the basics of both drawing and painting and hopefully ignite sufficient interest and determination to continue practice and developing the skills learned on the course… 

According to Dr. Betty Edwards (Drawing on the Right Side of the brain), there are four basic skills necessary for drawing (plus a fifth, which is the gestalt of the four)…These are…..

1. The Perception of Edges (Line/Contour drawing)

2. The Perception of Spaces (Negative spaces)

3. The Perception of Relationships (Angles & Proportions)

4. The Perception of Lights & Shadows (Shading)

Today we focused on the perception of spaces by learning about ‘negative space’….many apologies for the rather hazy photos of these lovely scissor drawings!

We also crammed in a tiny bit of colour theory and some colour mixing practice….

There’s nothing like mixing greens – so mix greens we did – after doing some detailed drawings of leaves from the garden…

Photos of the lovely leaves will appear in next weeks post, along with the next batch of homework…. Well done everyone – great work.

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