Down by the Harbour

Yesterday was the first meet up of the year for our on location sketching group, so we met at one of my favourite spots, lovely Koroni harbour. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, however….

Koroni, sketching, on location
Sheltering from the chilly breeze

At 9.30am it was so chilly I was wondering whether I had been a little too hopeful in scheduling a meeting for that day. We found a sunny corner of an outdoor cafe and started our session with hot coffee, arty chat and a flip through sketchbooks.

Snow, Koroni, tayettos, February
Snow on the Tayettos

After an extended catch up and a quick warm up left-handed drawing, we ventured off to our respective sketching spots around Koroni harbour…

Boats, fishing, koroni
Boats and stuff – Koroni harbour

The chill wind was a bit of a challenge, especially near the boats, which was where I rather fancied sketching.

Fishing boat koroni

I managed to break in my beautiful new Stillman & Birn sketchbook with a hasty drawing of this little beauty before needing to seek shelter and a mug of hot chocolate back at the cafe.

Stillman& birn sketchbook


Fishing boat Koroni harbour

Everyone managed the climatic conditions admirably and a jolly good collection of artwork was produced by lunchtime. Well done guys.





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