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A little over a year ago, I decided to commit to ‘drawing something every day‘. I felt it was the only way for me to exercise my drawing muscles regularly and to eliminate the huge gaps between bouts of drawing that I’d noticed in my sketchbooks.

I’m now on my 5th sketchbook and day 43 of the second year (!) and get terrible withdrawal symptoms if I go more than a couple of days without managing a squiggle or two……

Having just started a brand new Art Page on Facebook, I’ve decided to post the daily sketches there, starting with the second year’s drawings. Eventually, I may work my way back to the beginning and post the other 365!

Part of the reason for making them all public is to show that every single drawing can’t possibly be a masterpiece! There are several I’m proud of….some that will get re-purposed in future artwork….some are just, well – ok…..and others, well – they’re pretty embarrassing and deserved to be collaged-over!

But at least I’ve managed to put pen to paper on a more or less daily basis, flexed those drawing muscles and sometimes even quietened down enough to enter the precious right brain zone!

If you’ve done some basic drawing and would like to kick-start your sketching habit, I’m starting a new season of ‘On Location’ drawing/painting this coming Thursday, 16th May. If you’re in Messinia and would like to come along, contact me for details.

My year two daily drawings are now on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/gilltomlinsonart

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