Collage: Theme Seven

Jackie and I worked on a rather enjoyable theme this week – “Ouzo-meze”. In high summer here the cafes are full of holidaying Greeks enjoying cool, cloudy glasses of their favourite brand of ouzo and nibbling plates of mezes or pikilia. It’s extremly rare to see a native drinking an ouzo without the accompanyment of a saucer of olives and small cubes of bread and maybe cheese. Families often tuck into large mounds of Pikilia with their ouzo – an “assortment” of either meat or fish which can include: fried cheese, roast meats, sausage, meatballs, oven potatoes, hardboiled eggs, chips, tomato, cucumber, bread cubes and tzatziki….and that’s just the meat version!

I have a few collage-paintings on this theme underway – here’s the first one which features a delicious ouzo from Plomari in Lesbos and a few Kalamata olives. I like the way it captures the strong colour and energy of summer. The Greek text means “have a good summer”!


Jackie’s collages can be viewed HERE.


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