The latest Collage & Transfer Print workshop got underway today, with a select, small group of keen collagists….

Working on magazine pages with acrylic paint, and a selection of scrapers, they quickly produced a vibrant collection of altered papers….

which were subsequently torn, cut, ripped and auditioned for place in the composition….

I just had to take a snap of these super notebooks and decorated box brought in by a student who has recently finished the Mixed Media Fun course and is now on the Collage workshop….

The morning zoomed by but everyone had completed one collage and had started a second one by lunchtime…

We just about managed a sunny but windy mid-morning break, with indigo storm clouds in the distance…..

Well done ladies – a great start. Now, if you do find the time…..feel free to make some more little collages at home with all those lovely altered papers you made today!