Collage & Transfer Print

Having spent the whole of the first session collaging, we kicked off the second class with an introduction to transfer printing…

Using packing tape and good old sticky-backed-plastic, the group had a go at transfering photocopied line drawings and magazine images onto their decorated papers…

After a rather sunny coffee break in the garden, I did a little demo on this week’s collage method….

The group was introduced to the wonders of gesso….the dry brush technique….creating texture with scrunched tissue paper….

stamping with found objects……and creating graphic images with their own decorative papers…..

It may look simple, but it takes a bit of practice to get the technique down… are constantly making decisions on colour, composition, placement, scale etc…..

as well as blow-drying the collage in between layers and fighting with sticky fingers!

These two pieces were done at home during the week, using papers created in last week’s workshop….

and this dramatic piece was finished off today.


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