Cafe Art

It’s HOT here at the moment – well, it’s July in Greece after all, so what can you expect, but as I’ve been somewhat out of circulation for over a month it’s come as a bit of a shock.

Some of my artwork though will be having a change of climate and heading off to Russia today!

It’s off to hang on the walls of a French Cafe-Bakery in Moscow, courtesy of the delightful young owners who have recently been holidaying in this area.

Some of the colours were adjusted, to make the pieces a bit more French-Mediterranean and slightly less obviously Greek! With the above print, I painted onto it, adding red and green spot colour here and there.

But others still look a bit Greek!…………

Coffee, coffee, coffee……….

and sunny tables………

and chairs…………

Anyone for a Frappe?……..

and yet another Greek cafe!


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