In the third week of the Mixed Media Fun workshop today we made books……

Using the fabulous art-papers they’d made the previous two weeks, today the group had a non-messy morning of measuring, designing and cutting and sticking…

Working with double-sided tape, cutting mats, scalpels and metal rulers, everyone began the construction process…

Very soon, colourful little accordion books started to appear….

It usually takes a couple of goes to get the hang of it all…..

but everyone seemed to get to grips with the design and construction process pretty quickly this morning….

People worked at different speeds, and in different ways, and – as you can see – all the books are pretty different as well!

Some very professional-looking, yet beautifully arty books were produced….

Everyone was very industrious – pausing only for a brief coffee break in the garden….

Some books were finished…..others are in process… be finished later at home……

Well done ladies – a gorgeous collection of art books.

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1 thought on “Book-Making”

  1. It was great fun – and we had water this week, even if we didn’t need it 🙂 Thanks Gill, for being so patient with us all, and making it such an enjoyable experience. Can’t wait till next week!

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