Acrylic Painting

A brand new acrylic painting course started yesterday in the studio…

We are lucky enough to have local mixed media artist, Jackie Sherwood onboard – showing her work and guiding us through her particular painting method…

This approach, which is a good introduction to painting with acrylics, involves several stages, starting with ‘blocking in’ the main colours in a scene.

Working from a photograph, you gradually block in the main colours and tones and gradually break them down into smaller shapes…

This first part is a lot of fun….and also a bit scary…..

We had initially spent some time doing a little colour-mixing, looking at Jackie’s work and had a bit of a chin-wag about materials (plus a coffee break in the garden, of course), so everyone did really well to get so far with their painting on the first session. 

Next week….we’re onto the waterproof ink! To see more of Jackie’s fabulously vibrant paintings of Greece, France, Italy and more, go to:


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