Acrylic Painting: Week 3


We’re in week three of the Introduction to Acrylic Painting Workshop, led by Jackie Sherwood…

There was lots of progress today, with two students finishing rather fabulous paintings which were started a mere fortnight ago….

Beautiful work guys – well done indeed! 

Others are almost finished….

All that remains are a few little tweaks here and there….

Of course the time taken isn’t of any importance – it’s all about the process and the learning…

Jackie’s method is nice and forgiving….

but we’re still learning a brand new skill – which has to be absorbed….

practiced….and integrated, which of course can take time….

A couple of people started work on a second picture – the above two are in the early stages of blocking in and inking – fab.

Thank’s to Jackie once again for sharing her painting techniques and all her help and encouragement.


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