Acrylic Painting: Intro Course

The second morning of the Introductory Acrylic Painting Workshop, led by Jackie Sherwood took place on Friday…

Having blocked in the main areas of their paintings in the first session….

the second session began with everyone drawing into their paintings with waterproof ink on a stick…

The rest of the morning was spent re-defining the darks….

and gradually working from dark to light….

Some ink-work is still visible in the above painting, and you can see the fabulous range of darks and lights…and the underlying layers of paint showing through in places…

Jackie worked flat-out explaining the painting process to people and helping them out at every stage…

Of course, when learning a new skill, us adults can tend to expect to be fully competent straight away for some reason!…

and can get frustrated when we can’t get to grips with it straight away…. which, when you think about it is ridiculous!

Some of this group have a little prior painting experience and others are completely new to it. Everyone worked extremely hard today and all the paintings progressed rapidly.  Well done everyone – you should all be very pleased with your efforts.

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