Acrylic Painting – Continuation Course (week 2)

We spent the first half-hour or so excitedly looking at some great paintings people had brought in from home – it’s always interesting and valuable to see other people’s work….

I continued working with my Koroni corner-house painting upside down….the painting that is, not me….others joined me in painting upside down (it really helps you get quickly into the right side of the brain and stops the left brain labelling things!) 

Some people had tried out the new techniques Jackie introduced us to last week…using gesso; salt; cling-film and wax resist….

Everyone made great progress with their paintings today – gradually breaking up colours and creating form, shadow and light…

Layer, upon layer, working between light and dark; ink and acrylic, the images took shape…

Students had to be prised away from their work for a mid-morning coffee-break in the garden….

Jackie was on her feet all morning helping everyone out with their particular painting difficulties…

I was quite pleased with the progress on my corner house when I eventually turned it the right way up!

Well done everyone for working so hard today, and thank you Jackie for all your valuable attention and support.


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2 thoughts on “Acrylic Painting – Continuation Course (week 2)”

  1. Jackie Sherwood

    A great morning’s work. Its really good to see all the part-done paintings on your blog Gill – and interesting to see how everyone’s subject is so varied. Keep up the good work everyone – most of these should be finished in the next class.

  2. I really was struggling with my Meteora painting – but looking at the photo, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be !!! I hope I will be able to put a bit more detail in this week. Thanks for a fascinating course, it’s such fun, and very helpful. Maybe, one day, I’ll become a bit of an artist :)

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