A love of Line

‘Drawing the Line’ was the title of my first solo exhibition last year. A celebration of my love affair with the drawn line, it included sketchbook scribbles, left-handed and blind-contour drawings, layered and collaged drawings, big, bold, blown up drawings on stretched canvas and delicate little drawings on lens tissue.

Drawing, sketch

I have a goodly collection of sketchbooks filled with studies of everyday objects and local scenes – there’s nothing I like more than to capture an everyday moment in pen and ink, plus perhaps a little watercolour.

Sketch, drawing, airplane
Sketching in the air

For the last couple of years I’ve been playing with various ways to combine my drawings with my collage and mixed media work and have dabbled in transfer print, working directly on lazer copied drawings, and using line work in mono printing and various forms of resist.

Painting, drawing, greens
A blind contour drawing, worked into with acrylics

I wouldn’t say its a struggle, but it is certainly a preoccupation and an ongoing exploration for me, this business of marrying the line with the other stuff.


These fabulous acrylic paint marker pens are a new addition to my stash – the paint flows pretty well and they can be used on all sorts of surfaces. I’m particularly fond of the White one.

Canvas, drawing, fishing boat, greece
Gone Fishing – collaged drawing on lens paper on mixed media canvas

Part two of this post will follow in a few days to show some different examples of the line exploration I’ve been doing….



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